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Best Telegram Tips and Tricks

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Best Telegram Tips and Tricks

Messaging apps are getting popular day by day, and many of us like to use them for daily communication than any other source. The most famous are WhatsApp and Facebook, but some messaging apps are also emerging. One such app is Telegram that allows for smooth communication, and it is a much secure and fully encrypted app for communicating.

We will reveal some of the best Telegram Tips and Tricks and How to Use them in today's post. Have a look:

Telegram Tips and Tricks

Secret Chat

As we know that Telegram chats are fully encrypted, unlike others. But one feature that most of us don’t know is the Secret Chat on Telegram that provides end-to-end encryption of your messages and chats. These secret chats are not stored on the company's servers, and you can remove them wherever you want.

To begin a secret chat, select a contact and open the chat. Now you will see three buttons near the user’s name of the top side. Here you will see “Start Secret Chat option.” Click on it, and a pop-up will occur, and by confirming your actions, you can start the secret chat. Remember that this feature works only for single, not for group chats.

No one adds you to any group without your permission.

Unlike WhatsApp and some other apps, Telegram Messenger gives you full control regarding who can add you to any group. When you enable this function, no one can add you without your permission to any group. To enable this feature to follow these steps:  

  • Go to Settings, and then enter Privacy and Security.
  • Now look for the “Groups” tab.
  • Under this tab, click on “My Contacts”
  • Here you can enable or disable the feature. To use this feature, click “Never Allow”.

Broadcast your messages via a Channel

With Telegram, you can easily send public messages to groups who are using channels. There is no limit on channels about a number of users like in groups. Further, you will send messages to the channel’s name instead of any individual's name via this option.

Remove messages by the Sender.

Telegram Messenger also allows you to discard the messages sent by any other users. This is a handy option for those who prioritize their privacy. Using this feature is also simple, just follow these steps:

  • First, select the message that you want to delete.
  • Now, click or tap on the delete tab.
  • You will see options like “Also delete for ABC”> click Delete.
  • This will remove that particular message sent by that sender from your device and from their devices too.

Lock your chats

When you have Telegram, you can quickly lock your chats. This is an important feature regarding your privacy. To do so, follow these steps:

  • First, go to Settings and look for Privacy and Security tab.
  • Inside this tab, find the “Passcode Lock” feature and switch it on.  
  • Now you can lock and unlock your chats just by clicking on the icon located at the screen’s top side.

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