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The 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

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The 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

Living without WhatsApp has become impossible. This little app is part of our lives now. It provides the simplest way to communicate with others, and above all, it is free!

WhatsApp’s chat and calling service are immensely popular. In fact, it has over 1.6 billion users all across the globe. However, WhatsApp is now the part of Facebook. Currently, it is being criticized for its privacy policies, and many users are already seeking the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

Are there any alternatives to WhatsApp? What are those alternatives that provide the same convenience and also protect your privacy? This guide provides answers to all these questions; continue scrolling down to know the answers.

1. Signal

The signal is one of the best and free alternatives to WhatsApp. The signal is compatible with all mobile services, and it is simple to use, just like WhatsApp. Similarly, it also has reliable video and voice calling features.

You can use Signal on your PC and smartphone. Your messages remain fully encrypted and are safe from the hackers. It has open-source encryption to make it more secure.

2. Threema

Second, on the list is Threema that guarantees your privacy. Your contacts and other data will remain on your device in Threema. Furthermore, your messages will get deleted from the app when they are delivered to recipients. Additionally, it allows you to connect with others via Threema ID instead of your contact number.

Moreover, you can also use this software on your PC, just like WhatsApp. It has got some excellent features that are simple to use. It also allows you to make polls, and you can also hide your private messages.

3. Telegram

Telegram is the fastest growing app on the market and a great alternative to WhatsApp. Currently, it has over 200 million active users. It is a cloud-based app that is compatible with many platforms. It also features a double tick feature like WhatsApp; the recipient receives your message.

The app is fully encrypted for voice calls. However, you’ll have to enable encryption for text messages. Like Signal, Telegram also discards messages after a particular time. Its multimedia file sharing feature is also reliable.

4. Wire

The wire is protected by European data retention laws, so it is fully encrypted. Wire offers free plans and business plans with additional support and extra features. The service is top-notch; especially its video and voice calling features are excellent.

Wire also allows 1:1 and group screen sharing. You can send and receive multimedia files easily. Like WhatsApp, it is also available on all platforms. Lastly, you can also set timers to delete old chats, and this further improves its privacy.

5. Riot. IM

Riot.IM is our last but not least WhatsApp alternative. It has smooth VoIP and video calling, and the app is fully encrypted for messages. You can use Riot.IM via a unique ID, so no need to use your phone number to use this app.

Riot is open-source software. Hence it is more suitable for developers and corporate groups. Using Riot.IM is also simple, thanks to its expertly designed interface. Lastly, this app is available in seven different languages.

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